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Ariel Winter had More Plastic Surgeries Besides Breast Reduction Surgery?

Yasmine Published On Sat Apr 25 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 30 2020
Ariel Winter had More Plastic Surgeries Besides Breast Reduction Surgery?

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction surgery in 2015 but in recent times, in addition to her breasts, her face also looks different. People claim the changed facial features is the result of different cosmetic procedural such as Liposuction,and lip fillers but the actress denies it and says it is a result of weight loss. What is the Truth?

It is not wrong to say Ariel Winter born as Ariel Winter Workman has been in front of camera her whole life. The California native started working when she was just four years old. After several minor roles, she landed he role of Alex Dunphy in the series "Modern Family." The show went on to become one of the most successful television show and the cast members became overnight stars including Winter. With success came constant scrutiny and public opinion on different aspects of her life. Everything about her including her tense relationship with her mother, hair styles, boyfriend, became talk of the town. 

Ariel Winter's physical transformation over years.
Photo Source:Teen Vogue

However, among them the topic that grabbed most people attention was Winter's physical transformation over years. Everyone has a opinion on why Ariel looks the way she looks despite the actress being candid about her struggles with some body parts and the measures taken to change it for better.

Breast Reduction Surgery- When,Why and After Effects 

On June 4, 2015, when Ariel Winter was just seventeen years old, she underwent breast reduction surgery and reduced the size of her chest from a 32F to a 34D. So, why did Winter made such a life-altering decision so early in her life? 

Well, for first, the 5 feet 1 inch tall actress was tired of people not looking her on the eyes instead of focusing on her cleavage. It may sound exaggeration to some, but it is the reality faced by the "Modern Family" star. 

Ariel Winter breasts grew exceptionally when she hit puberty.
Photo Source:Viral Gala

When Winter reached fifteen, she had growth spur overnight. Once flat chested suddenly had breast development. The growth of breasts is normal in female teenagers during puberty, but thanks to her genes, her breast grew exceptionally, and by the age of fifteen, she was wearing a F sized bra.  

Not only were Winter's breasts growth out of normal, but she was not a ordinary teenager as well. By age fifteen, she was already a household name, all thanks to her multiple Emmy award-winning sitcom, "Modern Family." As a result, the changes on her body were not only were noticed by the whole world, but everyone started having their opinion about that as well. 

First, people making assumptions that they must be fake. People refuse to accept that a teenager can have huge breasts naturally.   
After a while, the gossips regarding fake boobs subsided and transitioned into over-sexualization. Headlines such as "Ariel Winter's Crazy Cleavage!'" Or "Ariel Winter Shows Huge Boobs at an Event!' became the norm. It was saddening for a talented actress to see every article about her cleavage rather than the work she was doing.  

The actress oversized breasts were not only bringing public shaming to her, but it was also adversely affecting her health, both physical and mental. Because of the weight of the breasts, she started having a lot of back problems. She could not stand up straight for an extended period, her neck started hurting, and her spine was adversely affected.  

In addition to battling physical pain, the naturally brunette(who now rocks red hair) was also forced to fight mental demons. She increasingly becoming frustrated with not be able to dress the way she liked and feel the way she wanted. She had to search for hours for perfect bras. In addition to that, she had to spend hours with the stylist of the show so that she could look age-appropriate in the show. Her looks on-screen was slowly getting limited to oversized sweaters and flannels. 

Not only that, but Winter's red-carpets looks were also limited to wearing formfitting dresses as they were the only designs that would flatter her body type. However, these dresses were not age-appropriate and always made her look mature., which was always pointed put by the fashion police.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery, Ariel Winter mostly wore form-fitting dresses at red carpet events.
Photo Source: PopSugar

Though the actress was facing many mental and physical anguish because of breast size, she tried her best to deal with it. However, one particular event really tested her patience and became a turning point in her decision to do breast reduction surgery. 

One day she went to the store with her cousin to buy a bathing suit that would fit her shape. After trying many, she could not find any. The thought that she is not going to find anything to wear to the pool kept haunting her. At that point, she realizes she did not want to live her life like this, always worrying about finding the clothes that fit her and thus she decided to change the way she looks. 

Ariel decided to go for breast reduction surgery, and the whole family including her sister Shanelle Workman was supportive of her decision. After all, surgery to reduce breasts was nothing new in the family. On her maternal side, most women had more massive breasts, so most of her cousins had experience doing the surgery. 

The surgery went well without any complications, and Winter was recovered in five days. After the surgery, She told the co-stars and producers about the change in her body and all were supportive of her decision. After all they had seen her struggles with large breasts so many years. 

Ariel Winter before and after Breast Reduction Surgery.
Photo Source: LifeandstyleMag

Winter after surgery opened about her medical procedure so that no false stories could be made about changes in her breast size. Furthermore, she wanted people to understand that she did the surgery to better her life and health and not just for cosmetic purposes. Also, she thought that sharing her story of breast reduction will inspire young girls to take a decision that will better their health and boy it did. 

Following the news of Winter's breast reduction surgery, In 2017, the US saw a spike of 11% in that procedure. 43,635 breast reduction surgeries were performed in the US in 2017 as compared to 39,000 in 2016. 

Changed Face Shape- Result of Rhinoplasty and Submental Liposuction? 

It is normal to have changed facial features with age. But a drastic change always raises a question. People have witnessed Ariel grow from a child to a beautiful woman. In the process, there were many times when some of the changes did not feel organic. However, nothing raised a question like her facial changes in 2019. 

As 2019 rolled in, the actress looked completely different. Her round face was gone, and she sported a more oval face. Also, her jawline seemed tighter. 

Ariel Winter in 2019 has more oval face in comaprison to her 2015 face.
Photo Source: Skincarereddit

Seeing the changes on Winter one Instagram user could not help but comment on one of the Instagram post of the actress. The user wrote,"How many surgeries have you had on your body and face now? Two breast reductions, that's obvious, cheek bone and chin shaving and lip fillers. Pretty obvious, she looks so different #Truth." 

Upon reading that the SAG award winning actress fired back; "I wasn't going to reply, but I HAVE to ask… what the f— is cheek bone and chin shaving????You're also wrong about all of it by the way. One breast reduction and I lost weight but you do you boo.

There is no doubt weight loss may be the cause of losing some fat from the cheeks, but it is hard to believe that all changes are a result of weight loss. Many suspects that she either had injected Botox in her masseter muscles, which has caused a dramatically slimming effect in the jawline or she has removed excess fat from jawline by using submental liposuction. 

Ariel Winter nose in childhood vs in her adult life.
Photo Source: Skincarereddit

In addition to Winter's recent facial changes, people for a long time have noticed that her current nose looks much thinner than from her early days. People are sure that she underwent a rhinoplasty. Also, there are many photo evidence that suggests that she has experimented with lip fillers for a while. 

Ariel Winter's lip looks fuller which is assumed because of lip filler.
Photo Source: The Skincare Edit

In the photo above, one can easily notice that her cupid bow in the lips is totally obliterated. This is one of telling sign of lip fillers. No surprise, in this photo Winter, who is currently in hiatus from UCLA, looks more like Kylie Jenner, who has admitted doing lip fillers.

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