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Every Time Angelina Pivarnick Confessed of Plastic Surgery

Sea Published On Fri Jun 12 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 12 2020
Every Time Angelina Pivarnick Confessed of Plastic Surgery

Is Angelina Pivarnick trying to look like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in some ways? Or is it the other way around? Plastic surgery is not an uncommon subject among the Jersey Shore stars, but it feels like there was a battle raging among these two.

While Polizzi is the reason Pivarnick's insecurity is removed (or rather the doctor Polizzi went for a boob job), another plastic surgery thing came up in their kind-of feud a few years ago. But since the breast implants thing in early 2018, they seem okay.

And quite most recently, Pivarnick revealed she had a "bandaid butt lift" from the same doctor again. But she was trying to defend herself of anything but the boob job earlier this year. Still, her husband Chris Larangeira is letting her do what she wants with her body, unlike a previous boyfriend not letting her.

Angelina Pivarnick Got Breast Implants So That She Could Talk Off the Bra During Sex

Chris Larangeira is open to let his fiancee-turned-wife do what she wants to feel secure with herself. And when Angela Pivarnick herself had too much of her insecurity with her body, specifically her breasts, that "I wouldn’t even take my shirt or bra off during sex, and Chris was okay with that," she wanted to do something about it.

Angelina Pivarnick and her husband Chris Larangeira during their wedding, black & white photo.

All for Chris, and a little bit for herself, obviously.
Photo Source: Angelina Pivarnick Instagram

So, she called her Jersey Shore co-star Polizzi up to consult about her doctor, John Paul Tutela, who Pivarnick believed was the best one around. "I knew Snooki had the best doctor, but I didn't know how good Dr. Tutela was until I met him," she told Bridal Pulse in early 2020. "He's the sweestest, and I didn't feel weird with him, which is a lot for me to say because I’m petrified of surgery."

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She went on to say how she wanted "a better life with Chris". She went from a self-reported "saggy 34C" to a hopeful 34DD. And she says she feels really good and that her relationship with Chris is really healthy as well.

Doctors Think She's Had More Besides Breast Implants

The almost-30-year-old actually revealed she'd gotten implants back in May 2018 during an interview with Life & Style Mag, which she reasoned she wanted to do to remove her insecurity. It's the same story about calling Polizzi about it, besides calling Tutela the "Hands of God". It's not sure if she's had implants twice (2018 & late 2019), but she's had it.

TV Personality Angelina Pivarnick arrives at iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 at Madison Square Garden on December 13, 2019, in New York City.

Anything other than the boob job?
Photo Credit: Jim Spellman, WireImage

In the same piece by Life & Style Mag, a couple of plastic surgeons speculated there might be more to it than just breast implants on Pivarnick. Additional plastic surgery suspected on her included Botox to the forehead and around the eyes along with some filler to the cheeks and lips, as well as a possible rhinoplasty.

Her Dismissal of Plastic Surgery Other Than Boob Job Contradicts with Confession of Lip Fillers

Pivarnick went to Instagram to reveal her "new boobs" in early February 2020, saying it was the first time she'd ever gotten surgery. When one asked about other surgeries like a possible nose job, she was firm to stand her ground.

"[I] never had a nose job," she replied. "I want one actually ask @tutelaps lol we spoke about it today. If I want to do it I will but thanks hater." She wrote in the comments of another photo, "It's called makeup. I would never go on someone's page and comment f**ked up stuff. Get a life. I will do as I please."

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However, fast-backward to 2016, there was this little feud, allegedly. In an apparent interview with In Touch Weekly, Pivarnick purported Polizzi of trying to make her lips look like hers, going to "the same exact place that I got mine done."

"She's trying to copy my look," she bashed Polizzi at the time Polizzi had lip injections. "It's funny how she goes and gets her lips done at the same exact place that I got mine done. Yeah, so now all the times on [Jersey Shore] she used to call me ugly, now she's trying to look like me."

Lip injection comparison between Angelina Pivarnick and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Whose is better? Doesn't matter now.
Photo Source: Angelina Pivarnick / Nicole Polizzi, Instagram

The Jersey Shore star further said that it didn't work well at all for Polizzi but that it did for her. "I don't really think [the new lips] are doing much for her to be honest with you. I don't know what the hell that's about but, whatever. But with me, I look totally different with it, you know?"

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The feud kind of stemmed from the time in Jersey Shore, but they seem to be doing okay now. But the lip injection thing contradicts her latter statements about not having had any other plastic surgeries before the boob job.

The Recent Butt Lift Reveal on Instagram

Since Jersey Shore ended years ago, she'd lost a lot of weight. That is also one of those reasons her face looked a little different than before. Plus, it was the same reason her insecurity with her breasts emerged. "I noticed my boobs were really saggy."

Angelina Pivarnick in a bikini.

She's rocking those since the implant surgery.
Photo Source: Angelina Pivarnick, Instagram

Now that that part of her life is resolved, she's moving on; in the plastic surgery department as well. "Bandaid butt lift," she calls it. She revealed in an Instagram video on June 11, 2020, that she's had her booty done as well. She said the weight-loss had shrunk her butts too much.

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"Bandaid butt lift by @tutelaps using @sculptraaesthetic Restoration for volume in hip dips," she wrote in the caption. "I fluctuate with weight for awhile now and I lost a lot of volume in my butt so this procedure is going to help with restoring the volume back into the areas that I lost."

Well, it seems she would be pretty open about plastic surgery if she ever decides to do more with her body. And apparently, Dr. Tutela is the person she'll reach out to.

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