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Did Fitness Enthusiast Ana Cheri Had Plastic Surgery?

Yasmine Published On Tue May 05 2020   Modified On Fri May 15 2020
Did Fitness Enthusiast Ana Cheri Had Plastic Surgery?

Model Ana Cheri and her husband Ben Moreland , who is a fitness trainer, encourage people to achieve their desired body with fitness and exercise. But there are rumors that Cheri achieved her perfect body with the help of plastic surgery. Is it true?

Cheri stands at five feet seven inches and boasts body measurements of 38-25-36 inches. In addition to the perfect body, the former playboy playmate also has a lovely face with a perfect nose and luscious lips. Because of her amazing looks, Cheri has amassed significant fan following on Instagram and has established herself as a successful social media influencer. Also, capitalizing on her popularity, she has created many brands and has invested in many business ventures, including a gym chain called Be More Athletics.  

Ana Cheri and her husband,Ben Moreland founded Be More Athletics gym chain.
Photo Source: Ana Cheri Instagram(@anacheri)

Cheri not only owns the gym but regularly shares her workout routine with her fans through YouTube videos. But fans are still not convinced that the model gained her curves from her exercise. In fact, people speculate that Cheri took the help of plastic surgery to enhance her body and face. 

Ana Cheri Achieved Larger Breasts Because of Breast Implants? 

One of the most prominent differences seen in Cheri's early years currently is her bust size. When she first entered the social media scene around 2010, her breasts were somewhere around 34A; however, after a few years, her breast size increased to 38D. 

Ana Cheri breasts in early years(L) in comparison to her current breasts(R)
Photo Source: Pinterest

Many believe that the 33-year-old underwent breast augmentation surgery and inserted breast implants. The model never confirmed or refuted the claims of breasts surgery; however, there are tell-tale signs of the procedure in Cheri's breasts.

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For first, Cheri's breast are unnaturally round. Typically natural breasts have some sagging and has a tear-drop shape. Also, the gap between her two breasts is small, which is standard on breasts that has undergone breast implants.  

Did Ana Cheri Have a Nose Job? 

In the current beauty standard, a narrow nose is highly desirable. Luckily, Cheri has a ideal nose that is neither too thick or thin. But is her nose naturally like this or it is because of rhinoplasty?

Currently Ana Cheri's nose looks narrower in comparison to the past.
Photo Source: After Plastic

Many speculate that the model underwent rhinoplasty to reduce her nose size as her nose looks wider in some of her old photos. However, there is a section of people who disagree . 

They claim that there is no significant difference between Cheri's past and present nose. In fact the variation seen in photos is the result of camera angles and the effect of makeup, especially nose contouring which became popular in the mid-2010s. 

Ana Cheri Lip Fillers Rumors 

Big Lips is all the rage right now! Everyone wants that pouty lips and often do not hesitate to use lip fillers or lip injections. 

Ana Cheri Lips Then Vs Now.
Photo Source:

It looks like Ana has also jumped on the bandwagon of lip fillers. In the past, her lips were thin, especially the upper one; however, currently her both upper and lower lips are thicker. 

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