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Adam Levine and Jimmy Kimmel’s Sweet Surprise for Nurse Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Chester Published On Fri May 15 2020   Modified On Wed Aug 05 2020
 Adam Levine and Jimmy Kimmel’s Sweet Surprise for Nurse Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Mellifluous singer Adam Levine and Jimmy Kimmel pulled off the sweetest surprise for one the lucky and hardworking healthcare workers.

On Thursday's during 'show from home' episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam and Jimmy honored the wellness of a hardworking nurse Samantha Brown, who, for a long time of time, has been helping seniors at an assisted living facility in Connecticut. 

If you are aware updated with the COVID-19 case, then you might well know that the senior citizens hold a higher risk of contracting with the Coronavirus. 

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Samantha was honored amongst million of the virtual show watchers because of her love and support towards the elderly citizen despite the risk of being contaminated with the Coronavirus. 

Matter of facts, she treats them as a family, and seeing her candidness, there seems to be no sign of bother and issues on her face; she treats them as a family. 

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"We're a big family," she told the late-night host Jimmy, who later jokes with a reply sharing that it's might feel like you have a hundred grandparents.

The nurse adds that "they are cut off from visitors," and are only allowed to talk to their parents from FaceTime calls. The rest of the activities meet, urgent appointments are also carried through iPad for their safety; otherwise, they're isolated."

The senior citizens are virtually communicating to their near dear ones.

The senior citizens are virtually communicating with their near dear ones.
Image Source: Health Care

For those who are unfamiliar, Samantha, who is the mom of two, was also recently featured in Adobe's #HonorHeroes campaign for her stunning portrait of herself in her uniform that her sister made of her went viral. Samantha shared,

I sent her a Snapchat one night, not expecting anything. And a couple of days later, she posted that, and it was really cool.

Then Adam pops in as a surprise, and Brown seems all flattened to see him. After meeting and greeting each other, Samantha shares, "I miss you on The Voice. I miss watching you and Blake Shelton."

If you've been watching the show, then you might know that Blake and Adam holds a bittery yet close relationship. And the 'Girls Like You' hitmaker shared, "You know, I miss him too. As much as I don't like to admit it, I miss him very much."

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Later after the sweet conversation, Adobe, Adam, and Jimmy acknowledged Samantha with $10,000 and also gifted her nursing staff with some food delivery gift cards. In the end, Jimmy jokes again, sharing, "but none of it beats Adam Levine, I will say that."

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